Can Music Really Help Plants Grow

Music and Plant Growth


If you’re like me, you’ve probably heard that plants respond to classical music. It’s a common belief, and it’s one that can be traced back to at least the 1940s. Back then, a study was conducted at the University of Illinois by researcher Harold Saxton Burr and horticulturist Raymond Fosberg. They exposed plants to different types of music (classical and popular) and found that those exposed to classical music grew faster than those who weren’t. But what about other genres? And are there any other factors involved in this phenomenon? Let’s find out!

Plants are sensitive to music.

You might be surprised to hear that plants are sensitive to music. In fact, soundwaves can travel through the soil and affect plant growth. Plants are able to hear sounds such as music, so when you listen to your favorite song while watering or planting your garden, it may help your plants grow faster or stronger.

Different genres of music affect plants differently.

  • Classical music:
  • Hard rock and heavy metal:
  • Rock:
  • Reggae:

It’s not just the sound, but also the vibrations that affect plant growth.

Music isn’t just sound, it’s also vibration. And vibrations are important to the growth of plants. Vibrations can be caused by music, as well as other things like machines and people walking around.

Plants can feel vibrations through the air or ground. This is a good thing for them because they don’t have ears that hear sounds like we do!

Combining different variables can help you grow healthier plants faster.

As you know, plants need water, light and warmth to grow. But did you know that music is also important? Plants react to sounds like we do—they can hear them! Music can help your garden thrive by adding a little extra energy or soothing it down if things get too loud.

There are many variables in growing plants successfully. Here’s how some of them work together:

  • Light: Light is the most important thing for plants because they need it to make food through photosynthesis (the process of using sunlight). The more light the plant gets, the faster it grows—but be careful not to give too much! If leaves start turning yellow or brownish colors instead of green ones then you’re giving too much sun compared with other factors like temperature or humidity levels which could change this color as well–which leads us straight into our next point…

Music really does have an impact on plant growth!

It’s true that music can impact plant growth. Plants respond to sound and vibrations, so it’s not surprising that music can have an effect on their growth. There is evidence that certain types of music may help plants grow faster, healthier, or stronger than others. However, this has not been studied extensively enough for us to know for sure how much of an effect different types of music will have on plants (and what type of plant).

Of course, there are other factors you should consider when trying to grow healthy and strong plants: climate conditions; lighting; soil quality; watering habits; fertilizing techniques; etc.. If you’re only using one method (like playing classical music while watering your garden), it might not work as well as combining several methods at once


Plants respond to music, and the right combination of sounds can help you grow healthier plants faster. It’s not just about sounds; it’s also about vibrations that affect plant growth. You can use this information to improve your own garden and make it more enjoyable for yourself.

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