Trio for flute, viola, and bassoon (2015)

Duration: 15 minutes

Chamber music is a celebration of social grace and decorum. The way musicians treat each other, interact, and respond to each other’s suggestions and behaviors to make music happen is a beautiful model for order in society—an order that is ever-elusive in our political life. This Trio is a tribute to that musical process, and also a tribute to the historical body of work that is the cornerstone of the chamber repertoire. The piece falls into two movements of nearly identical length. The first is laced with irony, with winks, nudges, and asides by the individuals as it hobbles forward. The second movement is something akin to a Classical divertimento, bubbly and joyful.

Excerpts from each movement:

Click here to view the first three pages of the second movement

Premiere: Rochester, NY—First Muse Chamber Music—Rebecca Gilbert, flute; Melissa Matson, viola; Matt McDonald, bassoon
Subsequent performance: Rochester, NY—Sunset Concerts—Emlyn Johnson, flute; Alyssa Roggow, viola; Jessica Wooldridge, bassoon